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影音aV 影 先鋒A v電影 Whether you need rapid turnaround on a project or a consultative, long-term program partnership, you’ll receive unparalleled service from our industry leaders and dedicated, skilled scientists. Our best-in-class, customized solutions span early discovery and development through scale-up to commercial manufacturing. At every stage, AMRI delivers the expertise you need.


影音aV 影 先鋒A v電影 Harness the power of broad target class coverage, state-of-the-art technology platforms and expertise in multiple disease areas supporting comprehensive drug discovery and candidate selection.

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Advance the development of your compound and gain strategic insight into manufacturability through our rapid, robust solutions.

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Analytical Services

Speed product development and improve the quality of your compound with solid state chemistry and analytical testing services.

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API Manufacturing

影音aV 影 先鋒A v電影 Power API production with global, cost-effective commercial development and manufacturing of your niche and high-barrier-to-entry compounds and with our growing catalog of more than 240 APIs.

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Drug Product

Optimize the critical path of your API through product development and commercialization by accessing our comprehensive sterile dosage form development and manufacturing expertise and capabilities.

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